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Dungeons and Dragons Commission by cactuarZrule Dungeons and Dragons Commission by cactuarZrule
I was commissioned by my D&D groups DM.
This is the group I travel with...

(Left to right)

Wolfrick (I call him Dogbreath) = Werewolf, Monk
2 of 3 (I call him Shiny, Traz calls him Tinman sometimes) = Warforged, Fighter
Sunny (Dogbreath calls me "Lunch", and Shiny calls me "Littlefoots") = Tibbit, Rogue
Trazeith (Traz, I sometimes call him Mage) = Human, Wizard
Ve = Elf, Cleric (He was added on recently, and has not yet earned a commonplace nickname)

The eyes in the background were requested by the DM.
Some points I remember from the Commission-er . . .
- all of the party in a semi-circle looking out in all directions, and they're surrounded by darkness
- in the back behind them are a pair of glowing eyes, make sure they look menacing
- the characters are preferred to be in a battle-ready stance, like they're preparing for something

I believe I may color this. Or he might, he said he wanted the lineart to try to color. o3o
Oh yeah . . . :iconarsonking14: < le DM, commissioner, mah roommate, and friend. ^_^

Another thing. . . I didn't realize my character was in the center of the page until I just looked at the thumbnail, just now. Wow.

(This should go without saying, do not steal, copy, or use in any way. This is NOT lineart for colloring.)
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cactuarZrule Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks! ^_^
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No problem :D
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